Big Heart Yoga provides the tools for children to connect with their authentic selves by cultivating a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation. Yoga, breath work and mindfulness are incorporated into our classes in playful and age appropriate ways to teach and support the development of the ‘whole child’.

Simply Kidz Academy

Clamber Club Sports forms part of our co-curriculum. This activity is offered to all our kidz, 17 months and older. Clamber Club Sports uses specially designed equipment that develops skills such as body awareness and motor planning, assisting with eye-had-foot co-ordination. Numbers, shapes, colours and sizes are introduced to stimulate creative movement and imagination. Body fitness and muscle strength are natural benefits of the sports programme.

We have included the Prodigies Music Curriculum for Young Musicians as a co curricular activity.
‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ ~ Hans Christian Andersen